Just Winging It

As an American under the administration of our current President, Barack Hussein Obama (at least that is the name he smears with his ink pen as he disregards my Constitution), I have no problem with schooling anyone with the difference between CAPITALISM and SOCIALISM. As an Arkansan, our very own Sam Walton was a capitalist with his very successful legacy…WAL MART. Laissez-faire (FREEDOM), where ‘rule of law’ instead of ‘rule of man’ is the principle of which it is based. Capitalism should be pure and unregulated with a seperation of state and economics. On the other hand, socialism denies Laissez-faire and spits in the faces of private property owners. The “state” controls production and distribution of goods. BIG GOVERNMENT. BUREAUCRACIES. REGULATIONS. Government ownership determines the manufacturing and distribution of goods. Watch out for your EPA. Keep an eye on the ICC (interstate trade commission)..some of the first steps to COMMUNISM are when the government regulates goods being shipped and transported. Have you recently TRIED to gain access through an inspection point at a port in the states? Security is tighter than DICK’S HATBAND. The ICC controls capitalism in various ways. Bureacracies, such as the EPA can walk onto my 40 acres and fine me for putting food on my table for my children due to the fact I didn’t pay the government to do so, by holding a Hunting and Fishing License. And IF I killed a deer for my starving children and the Hunting and Fishing Commission was notified, they would seize my VEHICLE as well as my gun, and place me in jail until I could round up the money to make bail. I think right now, here in ARKANSAS, the DUCK HUNTING CAPITAL…If you are caught making ONE LITTLE MISTAKE (AND THEY ARE OUT THERE WATCHING FOR ONE), the fines are comparable to manslaughter. Because I had one too mallards. AND THAT’S WHILE I AM HOLDING MY DUCK STAMP I BUY EVERY YEAR IN MY HAND. And now, since I have enlightened YOU on what SOCIALISM is I’ll not fail to announce to you and every other reader that stumbles upon the TRUTH. As discussed in the intital sentence, the Commander in Chief….not only does he demonstrate no reverance for the Constitution of the United States, and stand in attention to my AMERICAN FLAG like a man from a foreign land, that although lives and breaths on the very dirt my father fought to defend for my FREEDOM, he has imposed a DEMAND, A LAW…that tells ME that I have to purchase a product that I have no desire for. I pay my doctor bills…when I go. I buy my medicine shoud I need any. But…THIS AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT, has created more problems than its benefits. My neighbors, who are in thier mid 50′s and has had a health insurance company to DUMP them, and they’ve been forced to go to MR OBAMA’S MARKET and purchase a plan, and AFFORDABLE PLAN, AT $926.00 a month. Three times more than their former company. And on top of it EXPANSION OF MEDICAID. THE CUPBOARD IS BARE!!! But…they want to pay for my carpal tunnel surgery? Or do they want to have a say so in whether or not I get that surgery. Mr. JOHN…I am an Arkansan, I am a woman, and I can bait my own hook, catch my own fish, and look good cooking them in the kitchen. And lastly, my oldest son recently turned 21 years old, self-sufficient, and if you are ever in these parts…he would be more than happy to call in some ducks for you. Perhaps, you are a gun owner??? And the best part of it, he trains the dogs that will “fetch” those ducks you kill so you don’t have to wade the icy water to get them. BUY YOUR DUCK STAMP, CAUSE THE FEDS ARE ALWAYS WATCHING! I’m sorry….I strayed from the topic of SOCIALISM…to FREEDOM. JOHN, I’ve DESCRIBED FREEDOM!! AND WILLING TO DIE FOR IT. (don’t tread on me). I’m not winging right or left. I’m just WINGING IT!



19 thoughts on “Just Winging It”

  1. I’m gonna pass along a tip, since I’ve noticed it’s catching on even in Arkansas. They have this new innovation in English called “paragraphs”.

    They are used to separate your individual thoughts by spacing them out in a way that makes reading text easier, less headache-inducing.

    1. Five spaces would be an indention as the paragraph begins. As follows, a main topic sentence. Usually three supporting sentences, and lastly a transition sentence that leads the reader to the next paragraph. If that is the only thing that bothered you about my blog, I commend you for your punctual correction. I’m gonna pass on a little tip that I’ve noticed that’s catching on around the WORLD. Being VISIBLE. It makes identification a lot less of a “pain-in-the-ass”. Again, I appreciate your attentiveness.

      1. Tried the visible thing, but unfortunately I have a past in showbiz. I got overrun by salespersons, scammers, stalkers and hackers. So I won’t be blogging under my own name any time soon.

        I did enjoy the kinetic energy of your complaints. It is mostly an issue of visual acuity. It gives me a headache to scroll down that much unbroken text.

      2. And, apologies, I’m a red-head, that’s always an acceptable excuse, isn’t it? No harm done. This country is falling into the hands of propaganda alright. Unfortunately, we can’t point to the left or to the right, because they are all on the same page. The main character in the “play” is just a puppet. The big picture is what needs to concern people. But, politics, they’ve successfully created a nation that places blame on each other. An excellent plan, and people, well…are people. The end of the story is written and available for us all to read. I’m a fundamentalist. I’m spiritual, not religious. And I would be ashamed to call myself a democrat or a republican today. History repeats itself, it is said. Because people are stupid, and don’t learn the first time around. Peace.

  2. You said: ” – – – our very own Sam Walton was a capitalist with his very successful legacy…WAL MART. – – –

    Yes! It is a successful legacy isn’t it? I think it made the Waltons one of the richest families in the nation.

    I am sure all the workers at that Great American Legacy are more than thrilled with the opportunities their employment affords to them – – all that extra cash – – – all those benefits – – – I am sure everyone who works there feels more than thrilled at the chance they have been given to advance in this old world and to provide for their families.

    I am guessing that the average Walmart worker is probably being grossly overpaid, right?

    Great American Legacy for sure!

    1. As an intellectual individual and remembering from kindergarten my teacher, Bernice Jameson told my entire class…”you can be anything you want to be in life, as long as you apply yourself.” Do I want to work at Wal Mart? NO. If I had to I would, but I, my friend, have too much drive to accomplish. And I chose to achieve a BSE. Education is my gift. I am a teacher.I am in hopes, of schooling you, John.

      Now, don’t get your undies in a wad. Those attacks on one’s characters are nasty. I see the world from a different angle than bitterness. I see the world as it is, in reality. And for that reason..you no longer see that cool cartoon character that soooo resembles the real me. GRAVITAR? No, now, you see me. God Bless.

      1. .I am in hopes, of schooling you, John.

        Good luck with that!

        I already have more of this world’s goods than any one man deserves and I never have to worry about wanting anything again for as long as I live.

        I have my advanced education too my friend . . . lot of it . . . enough to allow me to oversee a rather complex and sometimes seemingly impossibly vast responsibility. . .

        So “No thanks” to the offer of schooling.

        But I appreciate the kindness that I sense flowing from your heart in making the offer.

  3. You seem to complain a lot about the government. Are you aware that if it were not for the government there wouldn’t be this Internet that you are writing on? The Internet is the creation of this government that yoj seem to have such problems with.

    By the way – – the government does not own any business involved in the manufacturing and distribution of merchandise that I am aware of. Where does this idea that Government owns and controls the production come from?

    1. John, basically, I am complaining about the elected representative our nation has. I am highly disappointed, to say the least. Acts of immorality have been legally condoned, an overall apathetical attitude to satisfy the people is being totally disregarded, not to even get started with the damaging decisions that have been made. NO I DO NOT AGREE. IS THAT OKAY? IS IT OKAY THAT I AM STANDING UP FOR MY CONVICTIONS?

      Or, would I be “back by popular demand” if I were singing the praises of the U.S. President. How those REPULSIVE RIGHTIES (fundamentals,conservatives) were screwing up the world with their “RELIGION”.

      I have to remind you of the song I sing, “America, America, God shed his grace on thee….and crowned thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea….”

      And that’s pretty much it. You realize at some point that we are THE PEOPLE and we have to stand our grounds for our freedom. Now, John, I’ve told you how I feel about that subject. Be honest with yourself, do you really think, that people like me, cause HEADS UP. I vote republican/conservative. That’s the closet thing to representation for my person…that I can get. And the issues that a democratic/liberal platform bring, are not what I agree with. That’s my personal opinion.

      As, far as the government, and my complaints. ARE YOU SATISFIED????? ARE YOU JOHN? Deep down inside, do you feel like our country is led by a man that has the best interest of our nation as a whole, and the citizens that I value as hardworking Americans. Somebody, please….COME ON!!!

      1. I believe that you have a right to vote as you see fit and that if you continue to trust the modern manifestation of American Conservatism you may well live to see the day when you no longer have any voice at all in your government because Big Money will dictate every facet of your existence and you will have nothing at all to say about it.

        Conservatism favors Big Money and works very hard to rid the country of anything that can help the ordinary commonplace every day average Mr. and Mrs. America because Big Money doesn’t want to pay the taxes necessary to run the government.

        They want the benefits of calling themselves Americans but they don’t want any of the responsibility and that is one reason they send their wealth to offshore accounts – – so America can’t get any taxes from it.

        The Right wants to have the benefits of citizenship but they want the poor to pay the way for them and they are doing a really good job of making that happen.

        The “Hard Working” Americans that you are talking about are slowly being transformed by Conservatives in the Government working hand-in-hand with their Big Business Masters into serfs whose mission is to serve the needs of the rich – – – exclusively – – with no concern about needs of their own being addressed by the very government that is supposed to protect them.

        The Right Wing has absolutely no concern for anybody but the very rich and that is who they work for and that is who they serve and they are manipulating things around to where every American who works hard to earn a living will have little or nothing to show for their efforts because the big shot Right Wingers will take it all from them and give it to the Big Money guys.

        But the Right keeps a lot of innocent people blinded to what they are doing by wrapping their evil in the flag and the Bible and using religion to keep the lower classes in line and to make them believe the Right are some kind of agents of the Divine or something when they are nothing less than agents of darkness and death preying on the gullible and the innocent and leading them down the path to ultimate enslavement under a New World Religious Order that will look like Democracy but which will be something else entirely – – something from Hell itself.

      2. John, when you can “lay down” your sterotypical insults, we will continue on the same wave length. Until then, I can’t hear what your sayin’. You see, I am RIGHTIE, MR LEFTIE (for a moment I felt elementary), but…I believe with my NOT SO FAT BANK ACCOUNT PAYING THE WAY, that higher taxes should be imposed. We want it, we have to pay for it. So, again, lay down that sack…

      3. Can’t lay them down because they are part and parcel of the mission to expose the Right for what it is and to warn people about it.

        The Right has their own problem with insults – – – listen to any talk show program and see what I am talking about – – – It isn’t personal with me – – – it’s just part of the great ideological battle.

        Everybody who comments about politics tends to be a little insulting to the opposition – – it is par for the course these days I guess. . . so I try to give as good as I get.

        Only fair I would say.

      4. I am the right JOHN. THE VERY EPITOME OF IT!!! AND PEOPLE LIKE ME, as I await my 3 children to arrive from public school to feed them a snack because they are STARVING from MICHELLE OBAMA’S CURSED DIET PLAN FOR (sorry for the caps) my kindergarten little girl, my 2nd grader, and my 14 year old daughter…I am a BAD RIGHTIE??? I marched them all into a church yesterday morning, and when I got to my vehicle asked for each of them to tell me what they learned. My kindergartener, responded with, “The creation”. AND I AM THE CURSE THAT CREATES THE TURMOIL IN THIS NATION? After they children have their after school DINNER..I then prepare a dinner for my entire family, which includes my DRYWALL FINISHING HUSBAND. We pay our taxes, oh…do we pay them. Self employment is a “pain”. And then, on top of it, I am PENALIZED for not following some tyrannical guidelines for how I choose to provide healthcare for my family? John, NOT ME…NOT ME. I STAND. I STAND. AND I’ll STAND UNTIL I CANNOT STAND ANYMORE. It would be a marvelous achievement if the blogging of the American people stood…in unification. Because..(SHHH), we are all gonna be on that same sinking ship together. You’ll thank GOD for those people that shout..”AS FOR ME AND MY SHIP…I SERVE THE LORD”. Will you not?

      5. Keep up the good fight as you see fit to fight it. I applaud you for what seems to me to be a great deal of strength and courage in the face of some of the challenges we all can face sometimes.

  4. These posts definitely need to be broken up into paragraphs so that people who have studied the English Language can actually follow them and understand what they are trying to say.

  5. I bailed off into the “unknown”…a blogger I am not. I have created this one from scratch. Trusty ‘ole “trial and error” has become my least favorite process for perfecting. As I roamed around today, I realized there was what seemed to be, HIDDEN, tutorial. Ah, learning the hard way is something I am far too well aquainted with. Week 3? Is it? I should have this thing “WHOOPED” in a couple more.

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