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Shoulda,Coulda, Woulda

I shoulda went through the tutorial I didn’t know existed before I jumped into this feet first. I coulda saved myself some embarrassment that appeared to some as lack of intelligence. And then, I woulda been more comfortable. 




Memories of my oldest son playing catcher….a small town, a big dream, and a little boy that played with a whole lotta heart. The beginnings of many lessons learned, that field gave him. “DON’T YOU LET HIM STEAL ON YOU”, I would scream from behind the plate, with my fingers latched on fence. At nine years old, stealing a base when he was behind the plate, was his favorite game, and a game he never lost. As the threat lingered around second and third base….a short walk down the chalk and small fingers that eagerly motioned, “Come on, I DARE YOU”, became quite humorous to many parents and other spectators as well. All Star Little League baseball generally rides on into the sweltering holiday, The 4th of July. Getting his gear off in the dugout (mothers not allowed), climbed my child, my son.