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And that is just the way the Silver Spoon fell.

And that is just the way the Silver Spoon fell.

“Born with a silver spoon in her mouth”. We’ve all heard it as a referral to someone born into wealth. Not for me. However, I did stumble upon mine. With the sun in my face and my feet in a determined path, “that spoon” became my possession. And with the work of my two hands I sit and polish…sit and polish. Shine is an attribute, isn’t it? Were you, perhaps, the owner of the spoon at one time? After the shine was gone, did you just lay it down?

Picking it up, was the easy part. Restoration was the more difficult part. The most satisfying part…keeping it shining. For its the quality which provides for such. Had it been just any old spoon, my efforts would be senseless. However, this spoon was maybe in the hands of the lady my mother claimed I was the daughter of, Mrs. Aster. This spoon, is a spoon with value, worth.

So, if you have the other three out of the set from which it came, you now know where the lost treasure lies…in the hands of a woman with every intention of keeping up the “shine”.