Shoulda,Coulda, Woulda

I shoulda went through the tutorial I didn’t know existed before I jumped into this feet first. I coulda saved myself some embarrassment that appeared to some as lack of intelligence. And then, I woulda been more comfortable. 


And that is just the way the Silver Spoon fell.

And that is just the way the Silver Spoon fell.

“Born with a silver spoon in her mouth”. We’ve all heard it as a referral to someone born into wealth. Not for me. However, I did stumble upon mine. With the sun in my face and my feet in a determined path, “that spoon” became my possession. And with the work of my two hands I sit and polish…sit and polish. Shine is an attribute, isn’t it? Were you, perhaps, the owner of the spoon at one time? After the shine was gone, did you just lay it down?

Picking it up, was the easy part. Restoration was the more difficult part. The most satisfying part…keeping it shining. For its the quality which provides for such. Had it been just any old spoon, my efforts would be senseless. However, this spoon was maybe in the hands of the lady my mother claimed I was the daughter of, Mrs. Aster. This spoon, is a spoon with value, worth.

So, if you have the other three out of the set from which it came, you now know where the lost treasure lies…in the hands of a woman with every intention of keeping up the “shine”.



The baby out of my five amazing children the Lord has blessed me with. And in that accord, I STAND. EVEN IF I STAND ALONE. I STAND. Has not the progressiveness and the modernism created a world that is staring the inevitable in the face? A child, and in that same regard, as a mother I fear a world that has become so corrupt that I cannot let her play in my RURAL backyard without me not taking my eyes off her? HOPE, well without hope, it is said that a person would die. That’s something to “ponder”.

Just Winging It

As an American under the administration of our current President, Barack Hussein Obama (at least that is the name he smears with his ink pen as he disregards my Constitution), I have no problem with schooling anyone with the difference between CAPITALISM and SOCIALISM. As an Arkansan, our very own Sam Walton was a capitalist with his very successful legacy…WAL MART. Laissez-faire (FREEDOM), where ‘rule of law’ instead of ‘rule of man’ is the principle of which it is based. Capitalism should be pure and unregulated with a seperation of state and economics. On the other hand, socialism denies Laissez-faire and spits in the faces of private property owners. The “state” controls production and distribution of goods. BIG GOVERNMENT. BUREAUCRACIES. REGULATIONS. Government ownership determines the manufacturing and distribution of goods. Watch out for your EPA. Keep an eye on the ICC (interstate trade commission)..some of the first steps to COMMUNISM are when the government regulates goods being shipped and transported. Have you recently TRIED to gain access through an inspection point at a port in the states? Security is tighter than DICK’S HATBAND. The ICC controls capitalism in various ways. Bureacracies, such as the EPA can walk onto my 40 acres and fine me for putting food on my table for my children due to the fact I didn’t pay the government to do so, by holding a Hunting and Fishing License. And IF I killed a deer for my starving children and the Hunting and Fishing Commission was notified, they would seize my VEHICLE as well as my gun, and place me in jail until I could round up the money to make bail. I think right now, here in ARKANSAS, the DUCK HUNTING CAPITAL…If you are caught making ONE LITTLE MISTAKE (AND THEY ARE OUT THERE WATCHING FOR ONE), the fines are comparable to manslaughter. Because I had one too mallards. AND THAT’S WHILE I AM HOLDING MY DUCK STAMP I BUY EVERY YEAR IN MY HAND. And now, since I have enlightened YOU on what SOCIALISM is I’ll not fail to announce to you and every other reader that stumbles upon the TRUTH. As discussed in the intital sentence, the Commander in Chief….not only does he demonstrate no reverance for the Constitution of the United States, and stand in attention to my AMERICAN FLAG like a man from a foreign land, that although lives and breaths on the very dirt my father fought to defend for my FREEDOM, he has imposed a DEMAND, A LAW…that tells ME that I have to purchase a product that I have no desire for. I pay my doctor bills…when I go. I buy my medicine shoud I need any. But…THIS AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE ACT, has created more problems than its benefits. My neighbors, who are in thier mid 50′s and has had a health insurance company to DUMP them, and they’ve been forced to go to MR OBAMA’S MARKET and purchase a plan, and AFFORDABLE PLAN, AT $926.00 a month. Three times more than their former company. And on top of it EXPANSION OF MEDICAID. THE CUPBOARD IS BARE!!! But…they want to pay for my carpal tunnel surgery? Or do they want to have a say so in whether or not I get that surgery. Mr. JOHN…I am an Arkansan, I am a woman, and I can bait my own hook, catch my own fish, and look good cooking them in the kitchen. And lastly, my oldest son recently turned 21 years old, self-sufficient, and if you are ever in these parts…he would be more than happy to call in some ducks for you. Perhaps, you are a gun owner??? And the best part of it, he trains the dogs that will “fetch” those ducks you kill so you don’t have to wade the icy water to get them. BUY YOUR DUCK STAMP, CAUSE THE FEDS ARE ALWAYS WATCHING! I’m sorry….I strayed from the topic of SOCIALISM…to FREEDOM. JOHN, I’ve DESCRIBED FREEDOM!! AND WILLING TO DIE FOR IT. (don’t tread on me). I’m not winging right or left. I’m just WINGING IT!